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Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia
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Rules and Guidelines:

- When posting anything that contains spoilers for any Prince of Persia game, please use a “Lj-cut” to prevent the game from being spoiled for others who are a part of or watching the community.

- Please be respectful - or at the very least, civil - to other members within the community.

- Discussion, speculation, and overall fan-worship about the games is welcomed (however, repetitious posts of “How cool the game is!” is not), and highly encouraged among members. That’s what this community was made for after all. ; -)

- Posting fan-art, fan fiction, or any other fan-created media is highly encouraged as well. Inspire fellow fans!

Note: Please be tasteful when posting fan-created media. Any post containing pornographic material will result in an automatic ban.

- When posting large or multiple images (such as icons, screen-shots, or magazine advertisements and articles), please use a “Lj-cut” to help cut down the loading time for those who have slow internet servers and to prevent the stretching of “Friends” pages. ;-)

- Please try to stay on the topic, and not to spam. Spam will be deleted, and a warning sent to the spammer. If three warnings are sent to the spamming member within a six-month time period, the member’s ability to post within the community will be stripped. However, some silliness is tolerated. This isn’t a Livejournal boot-camp. ;-P

Please follow the guidelines, and have fun. :-)

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- Sands of Time Wikipedia Page</a>

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